Looking for love

Looking for love

I’m tired of waiting
An’ closing my eyes
I’m asking myself
Why is it all my horizons
Are so far away

I look in the mirror
Don’t like what I see
In my reflection
A stranger is staring at me
Looking for love

The love of a woman
The needs of a man
I try so hard to belive
But I don’t understand
The search goes on

~looking for love~whitesnake~


Dress: Kaithleen’s Side Sheer SHORT Dress @ Cosmopolitan

Shoes: Blueberry #32 Cocodoll Set – M – Shoes(Mini) – White

Hair: Sintiklia Jocelyn @ The Dark Style Fair

Skin: Avenge Debrah Pale

Head: Catwa Kimberly (bento)

Body: Maitreya

Eyes: Ikon Odyssey Eyes – Ice


Pose: SKBIOanimations – El AO de la Campora

Location: Luane’s Magical World




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