Drawing to a close

Drawing to a close

Wow, I haven’t been here for a bit! This holiday season has had me running from way over yonder to way over there, and back, over and over again! But, I think I finally see the light at the end of the tunnel and can sit down and enjoy things for a bit, yay!

I had some fun with my sis, raven (her blog is here) at serein taking this pic. Playing with windlights and water settings to get things just right. We’re going to go out of this year on a bang, and come back brighter, full of life and ready to face any of the challenges that 2016 decides to throw at us. Today I’m being helped out by Goose Home and Garden, who have put this lovely set together, you’ll need to play their gacha at the latest round of Cosmopolitan though to get all the bit and pieces (it’s worth it!)


Goose Home & Garden Happy New Year Gacha @ Cosmopolitan


Can’t see a lot of what I’m wearing in this pic, so here’s some basics

Dress: Blueberry Rylai

Hair: Exile Give – Grayscale


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