Fire time

Fire time

Stepping out in a new direction tonight. I am thrilled to have been chosen as a blogger for Goose- home & garden, and am absolutely loving this latest release from them! Nestled in around the fire with a friend – it’s the Patio Firepit, which comes with five assorted coloured bean bags, as well as the actual pit (and surrounding shelter) – all are copy, so if you wanted to stick with one colour bean bag, that option is yours!


Patio Firepit and assorted bean bags: Goose home & garden

Wooden Pumpkin Lantern: Goose home & garden – GROUP GIFT

String of lights: Cheeky Pea – Cassie Lantern Lights

House: L2 Studio – Dove Bay mini

Grass: We’re Closed – Grass Field dry

Flowers: Cica‘s – Orange Flowers 2 & Yellow Flowers

Trees: Forest Floor – Fruit Collection Apple


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